Enterprise "machine replacement" accelerate "intelligent manufacturing"
Writer:Source:reading quantity:Time:2021-03-03 18:04:24

In recent years, with the increasing employment, "machine replacement" has become the current trend and trend. Follow the trend, implement machine replacement, accelerate intelligent manufacturing. Tetra Automation currently serves the following four areas in the robotics industry:

1, heat conduction tube: automatic feeding, loading and unloading robot;

2. Hardware processing: automatic drilling tapping feeding and unloading robot;

3, metal polishing class: polishing robot.

4, insulation cup class: automatic loading and unloading robot;

The following introduces the thermos cup type automatic loading and unloading robot. Recently, in Zhejiang thermos cup newly opened production line, almost see what workers, only a fully automatic assembly line, is conveying their own products, next to the manipulator after the completion of product processing, to the next manipulator. It is understood that the traditional production line needs 11 to 12 people per shift, and can produce about 5,000 to 6,000 sets of cups every day. When the new smart manufacturing line is used, only three people are needed. Machine replacement labor cost is greatly reduced, product quality is improved, safety accidents are also reduced. As a result, more and more enterprises are using robots.